Three way conference reflection

Yesterday our school had their three way conference I was stoked that we did it because it was a lot of effort to make up a script. Hopefully everyone did a good job with their script writing in the three ways conference .I really enjoyed our three way conference.

White hat                                                                                                                   . In our three way conference our class had to have a script that had to be edited rehearsed and try to rememorise it. It was a little bit hard because we had to edit and go through heaps of stages just to get it right. In the conference I shared with

Yellow hat

I think that I succeeded because after my three way conference mum said that I did really well the reason I think I did really well is because I think I rehearsed well and I had heaps of confidence before the three way conference. I think that everyone would have rehearsed well so I think their parents would of being very proud.

Black hat

During the three way conference I think that I spoke to quickly. I also think that I messed up order quit a few times and I lost place in script a lot. Next time we have a conference I will try to do all of mistakes right.

Red hat

Before the three way conference I was feeling very nervous but I had a little bit of confidence in me. After the conference I was so relieved because I got it over and done with. I felt even happier when Mum told me that I did very well and she was proud of me.

Green hat

In the conference I think that I rehearsed well and luckily I had cue cards to remember my script or else I would have had trouble remembering my script.

I really liked having a three way conference hopefully we  can have one next year as well.