Jeremy’s Adventure

On the 29th of July a man named Jeremy came to our school. Jeremy is a motivational speaker. Today Jeremy shared with us his journey around the world on his bike. Jeremy showed us all the wonderful pictures step by step and told us where he rode to, how hard it was and how many friends he made on his trip. For Jeremy’s practise he rode to work 1  time a week, then 2 times a week then, 3, 4 and then 5 times a week .Jeremy road from Europe to Asia and then the last country New Zealand .The reason why Jeremy did it is for a heart charity and for his family. Jeremy rode through many rough conditions like snow, sand storms and hot deserts. Everyone was shocked when he said that he rode in snow and other hard and challenging conditions .On the way Jeremy come across bears, wolves and snakes. When Jeremy was in Japan he was riding on a rode through a forest when he came across 3 BEARS! If I was Jeremy I would be so scared if I saw the three big bears 20 meters .When Jeremy was in Iran every one offered Jeremy food. One of Jeremy’s message in his trip was to never doubt yourself.  Some nights in Turkey when it was minus -30 at night Jeremy talked to the locals by hand to see if he can stay the night with them. When Jeremy reached North Korea he could not ride through the country because of fighting. When Jeremy was in Japan he camped at a normal park but he had to tie his bike to his tent so if someone tried to take it he would feel a tug of the tent. While Jeremy was on his trip someone tried to steal his camera but luckily Jeremy was to strong and ran away. When Jeremy was showing us his pictures he said that his favourite scene on his trip was when he is about to ride up a snowy mountain in Turkey. At the end of the day everyone wanted to no more about Jeremy.

2 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Adventure

  1. Hi Oscar,
    I really like how much text and effort you put into this post. I also really like the way you made the words LARGE, like that to emphasize the word. I hope you keep doing good and make your blog a magnificent digital portfolio. Also, I wanted to ask, why don’t you have any widgets on your blog? It’s a question not to be answered. Answer it by putting a widget up. See ya!

  2. Hi Oscar!
    I have to agree with you Jeremy did do some really dangerous stuff and in my life I would never ever be able to do something like what Jeremy did. I can’t believe he actually came across three bears and it was pretty funny when the guy tried to steel his camera.

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