Student blogging challange…..About Me

Hi my name is Oscar

I am in year five. I love footy and this year I made it into the school footy team. In school footy we played 3 different schools there were three rounds we won the first round, second round and then we won the grand final so then we go play at the regional finals. My hobbies are playing footy, cricket, golf, hanging out with friends and motorbike riding. On some school holidays we go up to our holiday house in Echuca near the Murray River. Every time we go up there I bring my motorbike because we have got a motorbike track. On hot days in Echuca we put the boat in the river and go for a ski. In my family I have a Mum and Dad and 1 sister my sister is 8 and she is in year two at my school. My fear is a tsunami because I was scared every day when we were overseas in Bali. When I get older I want to be an AFl player, a dj like will sparks or be a AMA supercross rider. I hope you enjoyed reading about me.

working in a team skills reflection

In the Middle of term 3 the grade 5’s. The grade 5 teachers told us to write a reflection on our learning skills……

During the amazing race it was really important to work as a team because a lot of the project you had to work together but if you didn’t you will fail and it will be really hard to succeed. After we finished our amazing race we had to list top 8 habits of the mind. When we listed the top 8 habits of the mind we had to give evidence to every single one. My group chose 1.Persisting 2.Managing impulsivity 3.Working interdependently 4.Orginisation 5. Finding humour 6.Striving for accuracy 7.Questioning and problem solving 8.Taking responsible risks. After our habits of the mind we gave them a percentage and collated them and made into a pie chart showing all the percentages. At the end I learnt that working in a team is really important because it helps you get further and it will create more friendships with different people. My group achieved a lot because every time in the amazing race we were so close to finishing.piemaths