I Am an Incredible Sportsman

My teacher gave us a task to create a poem that represents you. My poem is about sport. I hope you enjoy my poem

  I Am an Incredible Sportsman

I wonder if I will be like Gary Ablett, What a life it would be.

I hear the crowd chanting we are Essendon, we are Essendon.

It makes me more egger to be the one who kicks the winning goal.

I can see the yellow oval ball coming right at me. I want to take a spectacular hanger.                                                                                      


 I Am an Incredible Sportsman                                                                                    

 I pretend I’m like David Warner batting for the Aussie’s

I feel that I can be the next Ricky Ponting

I touch the juicy fresh pitch before the big game. I worry that I won’t make the winning runs .

I am an Incredible Sportsman

 I Am an Incredible Sportsman

I understand that it’s hard to be like Michael Jordan

I say it’s possible to win the MVP three times in a row

I dream to play in the Playoffs

I follow the harsh steps that will lead me to the NBA

I Hope to be the New Dr J

I Am an Incredible Sportsman



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