My tree house story

Tree House Story

I’m staring at an abandon treehouse paranoid at what is staring at me through the rusty old framed window. WHOOSH!!

A deep chilling brush of wind shivers down my spine. I turn around to see the trees swaying in the wind. “See that Jake” I said. There is no reply. I turn my head around to see what he is doing. “what” I say to myself. “Where is he?” I whisper to myself…..

It’s dark, really dark. I can’t see anything. I hear a voice; I put my ear on the wood above me. There is a glimmer of light through the split in the wood. I see three men with masks on .All of a sudden the glimmer of light that helped us is slowly fading away.

“HELP” I yell. No answer. It has just gone silent. I am slowly drifting to sleep. BANG!! I was awakening by something slamming into another thing. The cellar door above me opens. “Shut it ,it’s so bright” I said. “Quiet KID!” Yells a man in an croaky voice. The cellar door shuts. “Hello anybody hear” Whispers a quite voice. “Jake is that you?” I said. “Is that you Darcy?” Said Jake. “What happened to you?” I said in an concerned voice.

“Well when you were looking at the window I went around the other side of the tree house to see what was there. When I was there I got hit on the head with something and blacked out” said Jake. “How do we get out of here” I whispered. “I’ve got my phone in my pocket” said Jake. Jake grabs his phone out of his pocket, turns it on and puts on the torch. “Shine it near the door” I say. Jake shines it near the door. “All I can see is sheets over furniture and its also dark” said Jake

“Turn off the TORCH!! I say. “Ok? Why” Said Jake in an confused voice. “If the see that we have a phone or something they will take it off us” I said. “I will see if I can ring someone” Said Jake. “AHHHHHH!! DAMN, No SERVICE!! Yells Jake. Jake throws his phone on the ground. “This thing has no use in an emergency” Yells Jake. “What do we do now?” I say. “We are just going to have to play the waiting game” Said Jake

“We have been here for hours now” Yells Jake. “Any food” I scream. The door opens above us. A large tall man comes down to the two of us and gives us a piece of bread each and a cup of water to share. ”Why are we here “I say. His wide brime shoulders turn around. “It will all be over soon kid” He said in a deep voice. ”What do you mean, it will all be over?” Said Jake in a confused voice. “Don’t worry” He said as he walks out the door. “What’s that on the floor” Said Jake . “I don’t know” I said. We walk up to it and realise it’s a piece of paper that has fallen out of his pocket. “It’s just a piece of paper” Said Jake. Jake walks back into the corner ,so I walk closer up to it and pick it up.

“Jake, Its got my address on it and where I live” I said in a worried voice. “Sure mate “Said Jake. “Whatever” I say. Jake makes his way over to me. “What, how do they know where you live and all of your details” said Jake. “How does he know all of this” I say

“We will have to find out” We both say





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