Paper Planes

paper planesuntitled

Today we analysed the novel cover and film poster for “Paper planes”.

What I noticed(I’ve seen the movie so I know a bit about it) :

  • The movie is about a boy who try’s to make a paper plane fly 25 metres so he can go to the Aussie championships in Sydney.
  • The 12 year old boy (Dylan) lives with his dad in a country home.
  • Dylan’s mum past away in a car crash.
  • Dylan flies to Tokyo to compete in the paper plane World champion ships.
  • Dylan meets a friend in Tokyo
  • Dylan wins the World champion ships in Tokyo.

Book VS Movie

Year 6B have a task to decide what’s better the book or the movie. In my opinion I think that the book is better because it is original and even though there is just text you can imagine the pictures in the book. In the book it tells you more information about the characters and the themes. And the book also describes locations and what’s going on in the book. In books it gets you sucked into it write away so it is hard to stop reading unlike movies how it takes awhile to get into the movie.

Miners Hut

SAM_0231On the 2nd of June a few days after we came back from our camp to Sovereign Hill our class decided to build a miners hut that looked like an 1850’s hut. We built the hut out of cardboard. Inside the hut there is a fire, a bed, clothesline, dining table, a mantelpiece above fire,  photos and mugs on the dining table. Outside of the hut there is a windless that takes 14 turns to get to the bottom to the top. Next to the windless is a storage full of our mining gear like a shovel, pick axe, a carving knife and a gold pan. Inside there is a secret spot were we kept our weaponry.

Here is some  pictures what it looks likeSAM_0226


My Sovereign Hill Character Profile

Name: Oscar Besanko

Age: 11 years old

Date of Birth: 21st of July, 1841

Mothers name: Jacqueline Besanko

Mothers Occupation: Previously home duties

Fathers name: Brett Besanko

Fathers Occupation: A Drover

Character Traits: Active, adventurous, sporty, competitive, fun, energetic and cheeky

Hobbies: Going fishing and yabbying in dams and rivers. I also like whittling and carving wood to make toys.

Character profile: I have short brown hair. My favourite game is cricket.

Height: 150cm


Favourite food: Scones with jam

Where I live: Manchester, England




Student Blogging Challenge: Week 7

Lets talk schooling! In the student blogging challenge you have to pick a subject about what you do at school. Like what you do after school or what is your favourite subject at school ? I chose what I do in school lunch times. At lunch times my friends and I shoot some hoops at the basketball courts. Sometimes we play a game and the other times we have a half court shot competition. All of my friends really enjoy basketball and so do I.


I Am an Incredible Sportsman

My teacher gave us a task to create a poem that represents you. My poem is about sport. I hope you enjoy my poem

  I Am an Incredible Sportsman

I wonder if I will be like Gary Ablett, What a life it would be.

I hear the crowd chanting we are Essendon, we are Essendon.

It makes me more egger to be the one who kicks the winning goal.

I can see the yellow oval ball coming right at me. I want to take a spectacular hanger.                                                                                      


 I Am an Incredible Sportsman                                                                                    

 I pretend I’m like David Warner batting for the Aussie’s

I feel that I can be the next Ricky Ponting

I touch the juicy fresh pitch before the big game. I worry that I won’t make the winning runs .

I am an Incredible Sportsman

 I Am an Incredible Sportsman

I understand that it’s hard to be like Michael Jordan

I say it’s possible to win the MVP three times in a row

I dream to play in the Playoffs

I follow the harsh steps that will lead me to the NBA

I Hope to be the New Dr J

I Am an Incredible Sportsman



How long is your pace?

How long is my pace investigation

In the past few weeks the Grade fives have been investigating how long there pace is. On the second day of the investigation we headed outside on the basketball courts and recorded our data for walk, fast walk, jog and sprint. After investigating we had to get all of our data and make them into graphs.

Student blogging challange…..About Me

Hi my name is Oscar

I am in year five. I love footy and this year I made it into the school footy team. In school footy we played 3 different schools there were three rounds we won the first round, second round and then we won the grand final so then we go play at the regional finals. My hobbies are playing footy, cricket, golf, hanging out with friends and motorbike riding. On some school holidays we go up to our holiday house in Echuca near the Murray River. Every time we go up there I bring my motorbike because we have got a motorbike track. On hot days in Echuca we put the boat in the river and go for a ski. In my family I have a Mum and Dad and 1 sister my sister is 8 and she is in year two at my school. My fear is a tsunami because I was scared every day when we were overseas in Bali. When I get older I want to be an AFl player, a dj like will sparks or be a AMA supercross rider. I hope you enjoyed reading about me.