Passive Energy House

This term all of the grade fives will start a new project. This project will be a passive energy house design. During this challenge we have got in groups of four to do this challenging project. In this task we will have to use solar panels and power to make our passive energy house to float and go on water. So far in our groups we have been asked to research information about passive energy house and other power resources we can use during this changeling project. Previously in our groups we have researched all of the informatioand sooner or later we will be up to the stage where we draw our plan and then start constructing.Hope fully this task will be successful for our group and for everyone. In this project you need to include orientation,thermal mass,insulation and distribution .I cant wait to start constructing and planning our passive energy houses!!!

3 thoughts on “Passive Energy House

  1. Hi Oscar, I heard you were doing passive energy houses. Well, we are making mini businesses and when we sell e are raising money for the school. I’ts a really good activity and we both should enjoy what were doing.
    Sean 🙂 🙁 :!

    • Thanks Sean for commenting on my blog. Half way through the passive energy house project I went on a holiday so I only got to do the research part but I was so sad that I didn’t get to do the building part.

  2. Hi Oscar,
    Our grade or year are starting a program about inventions. And I heard you were doing the ‘food glorious food’ thing. I hope you had a great holiday as well.
    Talk to you soon, Sean 🙂

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